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Letter from the Manse

 April 2018

Dear Friends

Our Easter Passion Play on Easter Sunday was the fourth that we have done. When we staged the first Passion Play back in 2003 we thought that we would perform one every second year. But then the Princess Street Passion Play started and we decided that one Passion Play was enough. Only then did encouragement arrive telling us that our Passion Play was very different from the play in Princess Street Gardens, because we had taken our play around the village and created the atmosphere of walking through the streets of Jerusalem. So it was agreed that we would undertake to do a play every five years and that we have done.

This year’s production was truly blessed by good weather in that the day before and the day after were positively winter-like, but on the day of the play it was sunny and could not have been better. This was matched by a wonderful production from Theatre Alba called ‘To the Cross’.

Yet again the director, Charles Nowosielski, brought to us a moving and well thought out story of the passion of Christ, using the village and gardens. I was particularly moved by the speech and singing of Mary Magdalene. We had several young children who wanted to be part of the action! They had a scene when they came to the foot of the cross where Jesus was hanging crucified. It all became too much for one of the little girls and she started to cry. The sound of this child crying at the foot of the cross was truly moving. The wee one was comforted by her dad later.

The play concluded with the risen Jesus being led by the angel to a place in the Glebe where he blessed his mother – again a most moving scene.

We received some grants totalling around £4,500 for this production. The hire costs of the sound equipment and the staging were the most expensive items.

We are indebted to Theatre Alba for once again bringing to us a wonderful event fitting for Easter Sunday. I would also like to thank the many stewards, actors, tea makers and all who made this memorable event possible.

Christ IS risen – He is risen indeed!

Rev. Dr Jim Jack