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Letter from the Manse

January 2021

Dear Friends

I rather like the phrase, 'the Truth has a habit of making itself known!' Over the last four years we have seen many conflicting reports coming from our cousins in the United States of America. At times these stories have been described as ‘fake news’. We witnessed an election last November where there seemed to emerge as many conspiracy theories as there were ballots cast. The result of all of this seemed to be that if you did not like the election result you simply ignored it and called it something else. How can we then relate to some people who live in a world ignoring the truth?

 There is nothing new in all of this. Throughout the centuries and indeed in every generation there are those who have ignored the truth in pursuit of their own narrow view of life. This is usually done for selfish reason. Over the years phrases have emerged to describe such situations, such as 'burying your head in the sand' or 'can’t see the wood for the trees' or 'blinded by the light'.

 When we ignore the truth it has consequences. Sadly in the United States we have seen such consequences. But so too in our own country. The call of the Gospel is to face the truth and deal with it. The Gospel is about us getting real before God. It is about us recognising our sinfulness and about us doing something about it. God invites all of us to come before the truth of the Cross and to seek the forgiveness that God’s love provides. Only then can our lives be lived in a loving and harmonious way. Of course there are many who cannot see this truth or who do not want to see this truth. And so they deny the truth. But that has consequences.

 It has major consequences not just when we die and seek to enter Heaven. But the consequences of denying God’s truth can be seen all around us in the way we treat one another, the way we interpret our lives now. And so I invite you, if you have never done so, to invite God into your heart now and to seek a new beginning facing the reality and truth of God. For this is not Fake News - it is the Good News.

 May I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their Christmas cards to the Manse for which Liz and I are really appreciative. And can I also thank those of you who sent me birthday cards!

The Reverend Dr Jim Jack