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Letter from the Manse

 May 2018

Dear Friends

At our 41st Boys’ Brigade (BB) annual display in May we witnessed a wonderful thing. The coming together of the three parts of our company as Anchor Boys, Junior BB and Company Section worked together to produce a wonderful and funny rendition of ‘Sunshine on Leith’. Yet again we had boys receiving their Queen’s Badge – the highest honour and award in the BB. Captain Alan Meikle always reminds us how this award impresses those reading our CVs when looking for employment. And it did my heart good to see those receiving their Queen’s Badge who had come up through the ranks of our Sunday Club and now are young men.

How the BB has changed since I was in the Junior Section in 2/4th Motherwell! We heard (and saw photographic evidence!) of the boys’ trip to Austria last summer and their participation in a pool foam party. This foam party was around the pool and included a group of Russian teenage girls. Yes, how things have changed!

I see it is a great tribute to our BB that so many boys (51 in total and 17 Officers) want to be part of our BB. I congratulate Alan and his team for enabling the BB to be relevant to the lives of our young people in such a meaningful way.

A moving tribute was paid via little video clips to Susan who is standing down as Anchor Boys’ leader after thirty years’ service. Susan has worked alongside 36 members of staff and 422 boys during her time. She has been an inspiration and great example of Christian Service to everyone. Here is what some of the boys say of Susan …

‘Susan has been an absolute mainstay for the 41st. She has made a huge difference to the Company. I am sure her happy demeanour (always smiling) will be sorely missed.’

‘Susan, quite simply thank you! I would not be doing the career I am doing if it wasn’t for you. From providing fun and entertainment when I was an Anchor Boy to help me develop my leadership skills, you have reached so many people.’

‘Susan you have made a huge difference to the lives of so many young people over the years, many have gained their Queen’s Badge and come back to serve as officers. You will be greatly missed.’

‘Susan you have been an integral part of my life. You may not realise it, but you are one of the people who has made me who I am today. It was you Susan who offered me a place to help as an Anchor Boy leader and gave me experience to gain a place at University. I would not be where I am today without you being part of it.’

‘Susan also worked with the older boys, guiding numerous BB Officers in the correct path. Thank-you for everything.’

Fine tributes indeed! Well done, Susan, and thank-you from the Kirk Session and Congregation for your enthusiasm and hard work over the last thirty years.

Rev. Dr Jim Jack