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Glebe Project

The Glebe Project

As an extension of our ministry, we have been developing the Glebe.

The Duddingston Glebe was traditionally the field where the minister could tether his horse and grow crops to augment his meagre stipend. Today our Glebe encompasses Dr Neil’s Garden and a four-acre field between the church garden and Duddingston Loch.

It is the vision of the Kirk Session to extend our base for mission out of our buildings and into this land. And, just like the Bible gardens of old, for us to have a place where people can encounter God in new ways.

Lizz Spence became our Glebe Project Worker in January 2016. She work alongside many volunteers at Duddingston to realise our vision. If you’d like to volunteer to help with this project, please contact Lizz .

We brought in an old tractor to plough the land ready for cultivation and we’ve started growing plants for sale. Progress in other areas of the Glebe Project: we now have a Peace Garden and have started planting a hedge.

The Garden Room opened in March 2016 in the Millar Hall as part of the Glebe Project.
In the first year we served teas, coffees, cakes and scones to about 4,000 visitors.

Scarecrows in the Glebe

In summer 2018 we had scarecrows in the Glebe, made by pupils of Duddingston Primary School.
There are some photos of them here.

Fruit and Vegetables, Flowers and Trees

The next phase of the project will be developing the Glebe and starting to grow vegetables and flowers. We already have two other groups who are working in the Glebe.

Tiphereth is a charitable group which offers places to young adults with special needs. They began in Aberdeen in the late 1940s and their Edinburgh branch is based in Colinton. Tiphereth is cultivating part of the Glebe to grow vegetables and soft fruits.

The second group is TerraNova, a young couple called Jérémie and Orna who have offered to develop a little part of the Glebe to grow flowers for local markets. They are both professional gardeners and they are keen to involve any who would like to join them in this venture as volunteers. More information on the TerraNova Gardening website or send an email.

Over the last few years we have been planting trees in the Glebe, many of which are to commemorate a person or organisation.

Looking further ahead, the Glebe also has a place earmarked for the development of an outdoor theatre and a home for the festival plays undertaken each year in the church grounds.

The laden Communion Table was at the centre of our Harvest 2018 display – everything on it had been grown in the Glebe.

Dr Neil’s Garden

In 1963, Drs Andrew and Nancy Neil started work developing a garden in a steep, rocky and overgrown part of the Glebe. They transformed it into an award-winning garden and the work they began has now been taken over by a trust.

The garden includes Thomson’s Tower and the Museum of Curling.

Visit  the Dr Neil’s Garden Trust website to find out more.