All services are cancelled until further notice.

Duddingston Kirk is a local parish church of the Church of Scotland. Address: Old Church Lane, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH15 3PX 0131 661 4240   Email:   Charity Number: SC016610

Welcome to  

Duddingston Kirk Parish Church

Duddingston Kirk

All services, meetings and events
are cancelled until further notice.

The Garden Room and Dr Neil’s Garden are also closed.

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Worship videos from Duddingston
will be posted online here
every Sunday until we are back in the Kirk.

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Bible Reading Notes are here

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Sundays at 7: Call to Prayer

Leaders of 14 Christian organisations in Scotland
ask us to join in prayerful solidarity

with people across the nation
every Sunday at 7 pm,
in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

More information here.

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